Monday, May 13, 2013

Gameplay Videos

Some gameplay videos for your enjoyment. Just a few tidbits to whet your appetite for the proper trailer I'll be releasing in a week or so.


  1. Hello.

    After looking at the videos and reading up on the information, I have to say it looks great and the kind of game I've wanted to experience but not many games have quite got it. But these are early impressions and I'm hoping the current style and ideas remain throughout the Alpha all the way until the end as it'll be a good near year for me with this type of game.

    Whilst posting this, I was hoping to throw a question or two at you. Firstly, a quote I saw regarding the same, something along the lines of living off the land, how much emphasis will be on this within the game, and will it be something dominant throughout the game to keep with the seemingly emergent theme it seems to have?

    Secondly, how much free-roam and exploration is going to be granted? With the videos, there's not much to tell other than to guess, imagine or hope. Could you say anything on this?

    Also! One more thing. Do you plan to get a forum going for such discussions, I'm not sure Facebook is the right platform for it unless I'm odd saying that.

  2. >how much emphasis will be on this within the game

    Staying fed and hydrated is a major mechanic, because it's where you get your energy for all your skills, (including magic skills, indirectly). But getting hungry and thirsty is not as devastating as it is in games like Miasmata, where you basically keel over and die if you don't drink for a day. What I wanted to avoid is having food and water be ALL you think about - you should be able to pack a loaf of bread and head over to yonder mountaintop without knowing exactly how you'll stay fed.

    Plus there are plenty of ways to get food, depending on how you like to play. You can gather food, or hunt, or trap & fish, or steal it, or buy it, or even learn skills to reduce the need for food in general.

    >Secondly, how much free-roam and exploration is going to be granted?

    You can go anywhere, any time, with one exception - there's a rift between the north and the south that you need to do a little extra work to cross. That's the one story-based limitation in the game, and it's introduced right up front. Beyond the rift are the uncharted lands, unseen for generations...

    >Do you plan to get a forum going for such discussions

    That's actually a good question. The cat's out of the bag a little earlier than I expected and I hadn't given much thought to this. Maybe I could start a subreddit, I'm pretty active over there. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Reading the answers, it's nice to get your take and clarification on them. Thanks for responding to them.

    > Do you have any suggestions?

    I have loads and loads, ideas too, some possibly crap, some maybe worth you thinking about, anything to allow you to maybe take inspiration from to help you go about making the game. The game definitely looks like something I'd like to put time and generally watch progress.

    Regarding a subreddit, that's also a good idea and it'll give you and the game some exposure if others have a taste for such a game. It would also allow us to speak to you a bit better than pestering you on your personal posts!

    Thanks for your time.

    1. >I have loads and loads, ideas too, some possibly crap

      Just created, so post away. Hearing ideas is always helpful - even crap ideas, haha.